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  Proletarskaya Svoboda produces woodworking equipment


Production of the Open Joint-Stock Company "Proletarskaya Svoboda"

The OJS Company "Proletarskaya Svoboda"
  • produces woodworking equipment: machines for peeling and drying of veneer, machine for improving veneer quality; machine for manufacture of plywood, equipment for furniture production;
  • produces heat-generators, which make it possible to utilize waste products of woodworking industry and simultaneously obtain thermal energy for its subsequent use for production process as well as for household needs carries out design, development and manufacture of hydraulic drives for various industrial equipment (woodworking machines and metal-cutting machine tools, presses, automatic transfer lines, etc.), modernization of existing hydraulic drives on the basis of domestic and imported components, supplying its customers with all necessary engineering specifications made out according to the Unified system of Design Documentation (ESKD).
  • The plants services include starting-up and adjustment works, warranty and post warranty services, delivery of spare parts.
  • Proletarskaya Svoboda Stock Co accepts orders for manufacturing of spare parts to woodworking equipment.
Raw material processing equipment Equipment for veneer peeling Equipment for veneer drying Equipment for recycling of wood waste products enabling production of heat Equipment for improving of veneer and plywood quality. Furniture equipment

Parallel with serial production of woodworking machines, the JSC Plant "Proletarskaya Svoboda" can manufacture the following equipment:

Lately the JSC plant "Proletarskaia Svoboda" has executed a number of orders. We designed layouts of equipment placing at the customers production areas.

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