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Gas roller drier SRG-25E for drying veneer sheets

The JSC "Proletarskaya Svoboda" manufactures equipment for veneer peeling.

Gas roller drier SRG-25E for drying veneer sheets The gas roller drier SRG-25E, utilizing in its operation flue gases, produced by the heat-generators of the model TGSG, is intended for drying veneer sheets from 0,5 up to 3,2 mm thick and is used in plywood manufacture.
Driers of the type SRG-25 have been produced since 1973, due to their reliability, simplicity of operation and maintenance as well as long service life they have become very popular with many users.

The drier SRG-25E has the following particular features
  • The flue gases enter into the drier in a standard way vie the second section, that allows to use a fixed mode of drying (temperature of gases - 250).
  • Longitudinal circulation of flue gases in the drier.
  • Places where veneer enters and leaves the drier as well as the conveyor chain shaft are properly sealed, which leads to increase of drying effect from flue gases.
  • Thanks to controlled negative pressure in the drier and a variable productivity of fans, made from heat resistant steel, there is no emission flue gases from the drier into the working area; in addition these measures helped to eliminate extra fans in the cooling chamber as well as to reduce the number of cold sections up to one, increasing the number of hot sections from 13 up to 14.
  • The body of the drier has been reinforced, which made it possible to place flue ducts, flue exhausters and fans on the roof of the drier (more efficient use of floor spaces and saving of power for transportation of flue and waste gases.
  • Rollers drive with a frequency regulation of speed.
  • Scheduled cleaning of the drier from dirt and deposit accumulation is to be carried out once in 14-17 days together with cleaning the heat-generator.
  • The control panel of drier SRG-25E for drying veneer sheets.

Characteristics of the SRG-25E drier for veneer sheets

Description of parameters SRG-25E
The dimensions of raw veneer sheets

up to 1600
up to 1800
1 4
Initial humidity of veneer, % 80 100
Final humidity veneer, % 8
Number of floors 8
Diameter of rollers, mm 102
Distance between rollers axes (step), mm 180
Effective width of the drier, mm 3900
Height of effective part of one floor, mm 300
Number of hot section in the driers, pieces 14
Length of the drying zone, m 15.1
Length of the drying section, m 1.08
Number of the cooling sections, pieces 1
Length of the cooling zone, m 1.08
Total effective length of the drier, m 16.2
Dimensional length of the drier with devices for loading and unloading of veneer, inclusive of tables for raw and dry veneer, m 28.9
Dimensional width, m
    Along the framework
    Along lateral flue ducts

Roller length, mm 3900
Draught equipment
    Flue exhauster (as part of the heat-generator)
    Fan (as part of the drier)

DN-11,2 (2 pcs)
V-Ts14-46-8Zh (2 pcs)
Quantity of the drying agent delivered into the drier, thousand m3per hour 80 - 110
Drying agent temperature at the entrance into the drier, 240 - 260
The established capacity of electric motors, (together with heat-generator), KW 190
    Flue exhauster drive (as component of the heat generator)
    Fan drive
    Drives of a drier, loading and unloading
    Drives of the heat generator and the system of a heat supply of the drier
45 2
37 2
Type of drives - continuously variable-ratio drive with frequency regulation of Rate and capacity
Average productivity of the drier with birch veneer 1.5 mm thick m3/hour 5.0 5.5
Loading device (one-two) levels, custom-built PSRG-10
Unloading device (one-two) levels, custom-built PrSRG-10
Weight of the drier with flue ducts, flue exhausters and fans, tons 91
Type of the heat generator, utilizing wood fuel TGSG-3*
Thermal capacity of the heat generator, megawatt MW 4,5 6,0*

1. The diagram for delivery and exhaust of hot gases is carried out by the customer or is designed and made the according to the performance specification.
2. Delivery of the control system of the drier, the heat generator as well as instrumentation equipment is specified by the customer and made by the plant according to the performance specification.
3. The drier can be delivered, installed and adjusted "on a turn-key basis" in a complex with the system of a heat supply, utilizing waste products of plywood manufacture.
4.* The heat generator TGSG -2 in addition to the drier heat supply (without loss of thermal capacity delivered for drying) can be equipped with a heat-supply unit S-2 (0,8 - 1,2 w capacity) for hot water heat supply (steam-softening tanks, heating, etc.)
5. Flue exhausters, fans and the drier drive are equipped with the frequency converter, making it possible to lower power inputs and to increase service life of units.

The OJS Company "Proletarskaya Svoboda" constantly works at improvement of its equipment range.
Recently, a new model of the drier SRG-25ME with the heat-generator TGSG-3 has been developed and put into operation:

  • New doors for the drier, featuring silicone seals and new locks have been designed.
  • An asynchronous motor with a frequency converter control is used to drive the rolls of the driers. The frequency converter is produced outside Russia.
  • New electrical cabinets for the drier and the heat-generator control have been designed. The most up-to-date devices for monitoring and control have been used in production of these cabinets.
  • As an option the heat-generators can be equipped with the water-heating supply unit UTVS-2. The unit makes it possible without reducing the driers performance heat the steam-tanks as well as the shopfloor premises.

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Peeled veneer - veneer, produced from wood of birch, beech, oak, fur-trees, alder, aspen, pine as well as from other types of wood.

Peeled veneer it is used:
  • For manufacture of plywood, plywood panels, laminated-wood plastics and other kinds laminated glued wood;
  • For veneering of parts and units in woodwork products;
  • In manufacture of matches.

  • Composite plywood - plywood (plywood panel) with layers of veneer, made of various types of wood, which are located symmetrically in respect of the central layer.
    Veneer used for production of composite plywood is 1.5 mm thick. External veneer is fabricated from birch, the internal one represents alternation of birch veneer and veneer from wood of coniferous types. The combined plywood is versatile and possesses sufficient durability.