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Rotary scissors NR-18 for cutting of veneer sheets

Rotary scissors NR-18 for cutting of veneer sheets The JSC "Proletarskaya Svoboda" manufactures equipment for veneer peeling.

The rotary scissors 18-3 of the model NR are intended for operation in the line for peeling, cutting and stacking veneer.

The rotary scissors NR 18-3 have the following advantages:
  • The knife does not require periodic sharpening of the cutting edge, the edge itself has to be changed once every 1 - 1,5 years or after cutting of 35000 - 50000 m3 of veneer;
  • The scissors are driven by conventional asynchronous electric motors;
  • Availability of an automatic mode of operation without participation of an operator;
  • Rate of the veneer sheet placement in the mode of cutting and stacking in the range of 0,5 -2,3 m/sec is adjusted from a control panel by the line operator;
  • The scissors can be mounted into any line for wood peeling, cuttings and stacking of veneer.

The rotary scissors NR 18-3 are characterized by simplicity of design, operation and service, by rapid response, absence of frictional brakes and high accuracy of cutting.
Productivity of the scissors during nonstop feeding of veneer 1600 mm long and 1,5 mm thick is 2 m/sec - 17 m3 / hour.
Operating conditions of the rotary scissors meet requirements of the clause 3.1 (Storage conditions), stipulated in GOST 15150-69 Ц operation in the enclosed heated or cooled and ventilated industrial premises.

Characteristics of the rotary scissors NR-18

Thickness of veneer, mm

Veneer length, (Width of veneer strips), max, mm 1700
Length of the knife, mm 2000
Accuracy of cutting of veneer strips into sheets (of the rated value), mm ±10
Material of the shaft coating polyurethane
The established capacity of the electric equipment, kW 10,0
Control of the asynchronous engine Vector
Weight, kg 2600

Composition of the rotary scissors NR-18

Composition of the rotary scissors NR-18 The rotary scissors consists of the following parts:

  • Bed (1),
  • Two platforms of clamping shaft, top (2) and bottom (3),
  • Devices for moving (6),
  • Engine installation (7),
  • Knife support (4),
  • A flat double-bladed knife (5).

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Peeled veneer - veneer, produced from wood of birch, beech, oak, fur-trees, alder, aspen, pine as well as from other types of wood.