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Roller drier SRG-25 for veneer of drying with flue gases heating

Roller drier SRG-25 for veneer of drying with flue gases heating The JSC "Proletarskaya Svoboda" manufactures equipment for veneer peeling.

The roller drier SRG-25 with flue gases heating is intended for drying plywood veneer from 1 up to 4 mm thick.

Characteristics of the drier SRG-25

Description of parameters SRG-25
The dimensions of sheets raw veneer

up to 1600
up to 1800
1 4
Initial humidity of veneer, % 80 100
Final humidity of veneer, % 8
Number of floors 8
Diameter of rollers, mm 102
Distance between axes of the rollers (step), mm 180
Height of the floor effective part, mm 300
Number hot sections of the driers 13
Number cooling sections 2
Speed of veneer movement in the chamber, m/min 1.7 3.7
Adjustment of the speed infinitely variable control
Temperature of the gases entering the chamber, 230 280
Overall dimensions of the chamber, mm
    Length of the casing
    Length with a drive
    Length with loading and unloading
    Width of the casing
    Width (along lateral flue ducts)
    Height (along the top flue ducts without vertical pipes)

Weight of the chamber, kg, not exceeding 100450
Type of the power line current Variable, three-phase
Current frequency, Hz 50
Voltage of the circuit, V 380
Average productivity of the chamber, m³/hour (dense dry veneer 1,5 mm thick with initial humidity of 90% and final 8%) 4.36
Consumption of wood fuel per 1 m³ of veneer, m³/m³ 0.44
Total capacity of the electric motor, kW 172.74
Number of maintenance personnel 1

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Peeled veneer - veneer, produced from wood of birch, beech, oak, fur-trees, alder, aspen, pine as well as from other types of wood.

Peeled veneer it is used:
  • For manufacture of plywood, plywood panels, laminated-wood plastics and other kinds laminated glued wood;
  • For veneering of parts and units in woodwork products;
  • In manufacture of matches.

  • Composite plywood - plywood (plywood panel) with layers of veneer, made of various types of wood, which are located symmetrically in respect of the central layer.
    Veneer used for production of composite plywood is 1.5 mm thick. External veneer is fabricated from birch, the internal one represents alternation of birch veneer and veneer from wood of coniferous types. The combined plywood is versatile and possesses sufficient durability.