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Block sawing line LTs-60

The JSC plant Proletarskaya Svoboda manufactures woodworking machinery and equipment for treatment of raw material.

The block sawing line of the model LTs-60 (LTs-60) is intended for sawing of blocks of certain dimension into pieces of desired sizes.

Technical characteristics of the block sawing line LTs-60

  1. Diameter of logs to be sawn: 13 - 60 cm;
  2. Length of the sawn blocks (two sizes at the customer's option): 1,35; 1,65; 2,5 up to 3,0 meters;
  3. Productivity of the block sawing line (at continuous feed of logs, average diameter of a log - 25 cm and the block length 1,65 m): 20 m3/hour;
  4. The saw dimensions: diameter 1500 mm, thickness 5 - 10 mm;
  5. Hydraulic drive for the log gripping mechanisms and for the saw feed. The hydraulic unit is assembled from imported parts accessories;
  6. Power consumption:
    • main drive (saw) - 30 kw
    • conveyors - 4,5 kw
    • hydraulic unit - 4 kw
  7. Overall dimensions:
    • length - 8000 mm
    • width - 3850 mm
    • height - 3245 mm (consideration the hinged casing - 4125 mm).

The line configuration, its components as well as the overall dimensions of the individual elements of the block sawing line LTs-60 are shown on the attached drawing.

At the customer's option the line can be equipped with a relay-based system of manual control (a basic variant) or a completely automated controller-based system of operation (line LTs-60A) with the possibility of switching over to the manual control mode.

The time required for manufacturing of the block sawing line 5 months.

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