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Veneer jointer RS-9A for glueing of veneer strips

Veneer jointer RS-9A for glueing of veneer strips The JSC "Proletarskaya Svoboda" produces equipment for upgrade of plywood and veneer.

Veneer jointer RS-9A is intended for glueing of decorative and peeled veneer strips along edges at delivery along fibres with the help thermoplastic glueing string (tapeless spicing).

Photo gallery of the veneer jointer RS-9A.

Characteristics of the vaneer jointer RS-9A

Description of parameters RS-9A
Head extension, mm 900
Minimal width of the glued vaneer strips, mm 60
Minimal length of the glued vaneer strips, mm 300
Thickness of the glued vaneer strips, mm

Feed rate, meters per minute
    Minimal, not exceeding
    Maximal, not below

Step of the glued string, mm
    Minimal, not exceeding
    Maximal, not below

Thickness of veneer, mm 0.95 Е 4.0
Overall dimensions, mm, LxWxH 1835х692х1770
Weight of the veneer jointer, kg 580
Mains supply current Variable, three-phase
Current frequency, Hz 50
Mains supply voltage, V 380
Number of electric motors, pieces 1
Capacity of the electric motor, kW 0.6
Heater capacity, kW 0.72
Air consumption, m³/hour 0.6 Е 1.2
Air pressure in the air main, Mpa 0.2 Е 0.6
Number of maintenance personnel 1

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Peeled veneer - veneer, produced from wood of birch, beech, oak, fur-trees, alder, aspen, pine as well as from other types of wood.

Decorative veneer - veneer, produced from valuable types of wood, which possessing beautiful structure. Decorative veneer it is used for veneering of finished woodwork products.