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Line for wood-peeling, cutting and veneer stacking LUR 14-17

The plant "Proletarskaya Svoboda" produces the necessary equipment for veneer peeling.

The line for wood-peeling, cutting and stacking veneer LUR 14-17 is intended for manufacture of peeled veneer 1300, and 1600 mm long and from 0,3 up to 4,0 mm thick from billets of deciduous types of wood in accordance with GOST 9462-71 as well as from 1,15 up to 4,0 mm thick from billets of coniferous types of wood in accordance with GOST 9463-72.

The line for wood-peeling, cutting and stacking veneer LUR 14-17 comprises

    Line for wood-peeling, cutting and veneer stacking LUR 14-17
  1. Centering-loading device TsZU 14-17, which is intended for centering of billets and their feed to a wood-peeling machine.
  2. Wood-peeling machine LU 14-17 .
  3. Three-tier conveyor LUR 14-17 02.00.000 is intended for feeding of the veneer strip to the rotary scissors NR-18-3 and the stackers, removal of waste products of the poor-quality veneer. The length of the conveyor is coordinated with the customer and depends on a workshop lay-out.
  4. Feeding table 00.000 serves for feeding of veneer strips into the rotary scissors.
  5. Rotary scissors NR 18-3 cut veneer along fibres on the polyurethane roller. The scissors cut off defective places (upon agreement with the Customer the system of recognition / cutting off of defective places is established).
  6. After the scissors there is a two-speed conveyor connecting the scissors with the stacker. Thanks to a difference of speeds the space between the sheets, essential for stacking sheets of veneer in piles, is provided.
  7. The vacuum stacker of veneer LUR 14-1705.00.000. After arrival to the stacker the veneer sheets adhere by suction to the feeding belts and then are stacked on the lifting table. The height of the stacker installation depends on the maximum height of the veneer pile.

Layouts of equipment placing.

The equipment is completely computer-aided and functions in an automatic mode.
SIEMENS controllers and frequency converters KEB are utilized in the equipment.
The pneumatic devices utilized in equipment are produced by FESTO and CAMOZZI.

Upon customers approval the centering-loading device TsZU 14-17 can be equipped with pneumatics of SMC.

Assembly of crucial units has been done with application of the glues LOCTITE and TEROSON.

The machines TsZU 14-17 and LU 14-17 are built up with fundamentally new hydraulic aggregate providing simple and convenient adjustment as well as reliable operation of the machine.

Modernized centralized system of greasing is used in the machine LU 14-17.

Two operators maintain the line.
Upon customers request it is possible to manufacture equipment for cutting and stacking veneer is 2500 mm long.

Characteristics of the line for peeling, cutting and stacking of veneer LUR 14-17

Length of the knife, mm 1700+60
Work billet length, mm 1280 1650
Diameter of the work billet, mm 160 700
The smallest diameter of the work billet (pencil), mm 70
Width of veneer sheets (min), mm 100
Height stacked pile (max), mm 1500
Thickness of the produced veneer, mm 0,3 4,0
Overall dimensions, mm (min LWH) 2000063853750
Description of the power line current Alternative, three-phase
Frequency of current, Hz 50
Voltage, V 380
Working pressure of compressed air, MPa 0,4 0,6
Number of maintenance personnel 2
Total established capacity, kW 100
Output of veneer in m3 per hour 5.5

The OJS Company "Proletarskaya Svoboda" constantly works at improvement of its equipment range.
Recently the following measures to modernize the line for wood-peeling, cutting and stacking veneer LUR 14-17 have been taken:

  • A series of new veneer sheet conveyers of various length and number of stacks has been developed with the aim of replacing the existing conveyer LUR 14-17 02.00.000. All drawings are available in electronic form. Now it is possible to manufacture a custom-made conveyer of specified length, height and stack number, taking into consideration particular requirements and dimensions of the production area.
  • A new design of the feeding table for feeding veneer strips into the rotary scissors has been developed. Particularities of the new model guarantee that the veneer bands are held firmly from above as well as from below, which eliminates the band displacement during its movement and, consequently, improves precision when the veneer sheets are cut into pieces of certain size.
  • The rotary scissors NR 18-3 are characterized by the following improvement:
    • a new space-saving and more reliable drive, which controls the knifes programmable rotation.
    • an innovative pneumatic system for the knife tensioning has been introduced into construction of the scissors. This feature makes it possible to provide and maintain the necessary force on the knife.
  • A complete modernization of the vacuum stacker have been carried out, namely being:
    • low-noise reliable fans, creating high degree of vacuum in the stacker, have been developed
    • a new fans drive, controlling the negative pressure in the vacuum chamber, has been installed. This drive is capable of disconnecting confident fans, which are not used for places situated under the stacks. Pneumatic cleaning of the fans blades from the waste have been introduces.
    • the chamber design makes it possible to replace and fit previously prepared and glued belts of required sizes in the stacker.
    • a wide range of lifting tables of various lifting capacity (form 1,5 to 5 tons), inclusive of those with increased stroke of telescoping hydraulic cylinder and integral hydraulic unit, has been developed.
  • The conveyer and the device for handling of veneer stacks from the peeling line to the loader and into the drier have been designed.

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Peeled veneer - veneer, produced from wood of birch, beech, oak, fur-trees, alder, aspen, pine as well as from other types of wood.

Peeled veneer it is used:
  • For manufacture of plywood, plywood panels, laminated-wood plastics and other kinds laminated glued wood;
  • For veneering of parts and units in woodwork products;
  • In manufacture of matches.

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