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Centering-loading device TsZU 17-10

The JSC "Proletarskaya Svoboda" produces equipment for veneer peeling.

The centering-loading device TsZU 17-10 is intended for placement of billets, their centering and their delivery into the wood peeling machine of the model LU 17-10.

Centering-loading device TsZU 17-10

Characteristics of the centering-loading devices

TsZU 14-10 TsZU 17-10 TsZU 14-17
Centered billets length, mm 1250 Е 1350 1550 Е 1650 1250 Е 1650
Centered billets diameter, mm 160 Е 700
Rate of the creepers m/sec 0,2
Overall dimensions, mm (LxWxH) 3820х2610х1832
Weight of the installation, kg 4040

The OJS Company "Proletarskaya Svoboda" constantly works at improvement of its equipment range.
Lately, the centering-loading device TsZU 17-10 has undergone considerable upgrading:

  • Jointly with a Finnish company a pilot model of a new centering-loading device has been manufactured. In contrast to the similar units made abroad, its production is less costly; besides it enables to carry out centering with a high degree of precision. The current device can be used for centering of billets from 1175 to 1675 mm long. All equipment used in the TsZU 17-10 has been produced by the leading foreign manufactures.
  • All Russian-made pneumatic units used in the TsZU 17-10 have been replaced by the units manufactured by a Japanese company SMC.

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Peeled veneer - veneer, produced from wood of birch, beech, oak, fur-trees, alder, aspen, pine as well as from other types of wood.