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Line for plywood cutting LOF 00.00.01

Line for plywood cutting LOF 00.00.01 The JSC "Proletarskaya Svoboda" manufactures woodworking equipment.

The line for plywood cutting is intended for cutting of plywood lengthwise on one machine and breadthwise on the second machine.

Characteristics of the line for plywood cutting

Description of parameters LOF 00.00.01
Plywood pack length, mm

Plywood pack width, mm

Plywood pack thickness, mm

Feed rate (infinitely variable control), m/mines 6 30
Diameter of the main saws, mm 355
Number of the main saws 4
Diameter of facing saws 200
Number of the facing saws 2
Productivity of the line, m³/hour (plywood size 1525152515 mm)
    Feed rate 23.65 m/min
    Feed rate 29.6 m/min

Overall dimensions, mm, LxWxH 750094401440

The OJS Company "Proletarskaya Svoboda" constantly works at improvement of its equipment range.
Lately the line for veneer cutting LOF has undergone the process of modernization:

  • Instead of the bottom arrangement of the saws the latest model features the top one. This simplifies the process of saws replacement when the need for resharpening comes. The unit can be delivered custom-made: with the bottom or top position of the saws.
  • Friction bearings have been replaced by frictionless bearings at all shafts and chain-tugs
  • Hydraulic devices for handling of stacks have been designed instead of the mechanical ones.
  • A new model of the lifting table, featuring one telescoping hydraulic actuator, has been designed.
  • Upon our customers order the line can be equipped with conveyers of any length and arrangement.

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Ordinary glued plywood is made of birch, alder, pine, fir, beech and is used for industrial consumption.